Allocation Resource Group

Angela Manno
Chief Financial Officer

Angela joined Allocation Resource Group in 2012 as our Chief Financial Officer. She started her accounting career at Deloitte & Touche in 1986. Her primary clients included Ogden Corp., The New York Times, Barnard College and Manhattan College. In 1991 Angela left Deloitte and spent 9 years in the publishing industry practicing financial management. She was particularly appreciated for her analytical acumen which enabled her to expeditiously find and resolve potential financial problems. After giving birth to her 2nd daughter, Angela chose to temporarily leave the work force and raise her family. We are thrilled that Angela has chosen ARG as her re-entry into the business arena. She is an integral part of the group and and plays an important role in ARG’s team approach to servicing clients.

“To buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are
avidly buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest rewards.”

Sir John Templeton, Templeton Funds

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